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Guest Post: Exclusive Tips from the Author of Altered Shoes

Some exclusive tips from the author of Altered Shoes, Marty Stevens-Heebner. Read a review of Altered Shoes here.

Doesn’t it just break your heart when your most beloved and broken-in shoes get scuffed, torn or otherwise maimed?  They’ve been such good friends to you, so don’t cast them aside – transform them instead!  It’s a great way to recycle and become your own shoe designer in the process.  Here are just a few tips to ignite your crafting imagination:

Altering and recycling your shoes provides a great opportunity to show off your individual style and put your stamp on everything you wear. If you already loved those shoes, and also loved those leftover jewelry baubles and ribbon, why not put them all together to create a thoroughly unique pair of shoes that express who you are?

So tap into your creativity – you know you have scads of it! – and give your forgotten footwear a vibrant second life.

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