Guest Post: DIY Projects for Keeping You Warm This Winter

We are fortunate enough to have Kira Cowan, TipHero Editor, share some of her wisdom with us. She’s got some great ideas for DIY Projects for Keeping You Warm This Winter, and it seems like we’ve had plenty of need to keep warm! Here’s Kira…

Gearing up against the cold of winter can definitely get expensive if you’re not careful. What with accessories that keep us warm, winter coats, heftier shoes to save our toes from frostbite, and more clothing pieces that we need to wear daily, outfitting for winter can be much more expensive than for spring or summer.

The best way to prepare for the winter season and save some money? It should come as no surprise that planning ahead and utilizing some DIY skills can save you a bundle on all your winter needs. By learning how to make clothing or accessories from other clothing or used items, you can be sure to be covered, literally, for the remainder of winter.

Take a look at some of the easy ways you might be able to save on all your winter clothing needs this year:

Make Easy Clothing/Accessories


Other Accessories

Make a New Winter Coat Out of an Old One

  • Resize It: if you’ve got an extra big saggy coat or find a great deal on one, you can resize it and turn it into something fitted and fabulous.
  • Crop It: make a cute sassy short coat from a really long dowdy one.

Saving on Shopping

Here are some general shopping tips for winter from eHow:

  • Generally, January and February are the cheapest times to buy winter clothing. You’ll benefit from all of the post holiday specials.
  • Take a peek at sites like Free Cycle or Craigslist’s free section to see if you can score free winter clothing. Exchange with friends, neighbors or family members. Don’t forget about clothing swaps!
  • Take your old, ill-fitting winter clothing to consignment stores and swap out the old stuff for new wardrobe pieces.
  • Make sure to buy separate pieces that go with many other pieces in your wardrobe. Having a sweater that you can wear with many different outfits can make for several different looks without buying tons of clothing.


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