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Adorable Granny Square Scarf + 10 More Uses for Granny Squares

When it comes to crochet, I simply can’t get enough granny square patterns. I love them. Granny squares are the perfect way to add unique designs to virtually any crochet project. With the right colors, they can make your project decadent and elegant or stylish and kitschy, which makes them incredibly useful and versatile. While most crafters tend to use granny squares for afghans, I like to experiment. It’s fun to see how many different projects you can use them with.

Adorable Granny Square Crochet Scarf Pattern

I recently discovered this Adorable Granny Square Crochet Scarf Pattern from Red Heart Yarn, and it incorporates a new granny square design in a phenomenal way. With this pattern, the granny square is used to build a crochet scarf that’s beautiful and very eye-catching. The scarf is so ornate that you would think it was made by a leading fashion designer. That’s the beauty of it. Even more beautiful is the fact that this crochet scarf pattern is easy to duplicate. With just a handful of materials, you could use this crochet scarf pattern to make a piece so stunning that you’ll have family and friends asking you where you bought that magnificent scarf.

Love it yet? Find the printable pattern on FaveCrafts!

10 More Cute Granny Square Patterns:

  1. Nouveau Chic Granny Throw
  2. Flower Granny Poncho
  3. Granny Square Sweater Crochet Pattern
  4. Autumn Granny Afghan
  5. Granny Square Crochet Shorts – wait WHUUU?!
  6. Multi-Color Granny Slippers
  7. Granny Square Cabin Rug
  8. Southern Cross Afghan
  9. Granny Square Crochet Purse
  10. Granny Square Scarf

I’ve shown you one of my favorite granny square projects. What’s your favorite way to use your granny squares?