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Get Your Kids Excited About School with These Fun Crafts

It’s that time of year again, kids are heading back to school and either your child is excited at the prospect or they are dreading the end of their summer. Either way it’s the perfect time to get them more excited by creating some fun back to school crafts you can all work on together.

This is also great for teachers looking for craft ideas to work on with students the first day. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your students’ personalities.

I’ve noticed my sister can always get her son more excited about the prospect of almost anything if she can personalize the project for him. By letting him put his personality into whatever they’re working on makes him feel special.

So here are some ideas that allow creativity and personality to shine, and are perfect for kids to use at school:

Cubby Coat Hangers– These hangers are easy to make, useful and will get kids excited about personalizing their own space at school. Plus, they’re adorable!

I.D. Tags for Backpacks and Lunchboxes– Even more fun are these colorful tags to personalize all kinds of school items. The kids are sure to have fun picking out colors, patterns and attaching them to their favorite items.

Beaded Wrapped Pens– This is a great craft for personality to show. It will allow for an assortment of color choices and decorative beads to make really cool pens. These are sure to make friends jealous, maybe even the teachers.

Altered Personalized Pencil Case– This is a cute idea for kids to add their names to their pencil/pen cases. Whether to stand out from friends, or for ease of keeping track of whose is whose at home or in the classroom.

Cute Clip-On Animals– This easy craft is a unique way for kids to make it easier for the teacher to know who’s who simply by adding their name to the animal. Also it’s a great way for teachers to learn something about each student, like what’s their favorite animal.

So what are some of your favorite back to school crafts, maybe something you remember from your childhood? Or are there any teachers who’ve gotten more of an excited response from one versus another with their students?

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