Get a Visual: 6 YouTube Quilting Videos for Beginning Quilters

I figured out early in life that I was a visual learner. When I’m being taught to play a new game, my eyes glaze over and I go into an unresponsive trance as directions are read to me in monotone, but when I see the game played in front of me, I understand it instantly. In lectures I would doodle in my notebook. do other homework, or generally space out, but when it came time for exams, I could picture the answers on the pages of my textbook. So of course, when I became involved in quilting (and became the editor of FaveQuilts!), I knew that a verbal description of paper piecing was useless until I saw a video of the technique.

6 YouTube Quilting Videos for Beginners

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely need to see a video or at least a few detailed photographs to learn a new skill. That’s why I’ve collected a few basic quilting videos on for beginning quilters just like me. If you’ve heard about the proper techniques involved in quilting, but you aren’t sure exactly how to execute them, this is the perfect crash course for you. These 6 YouTube Quilting Videos for Beginners are clear and helpful demonstrations of the fundamental techniques of quilting. In these videos, you can see which direction to cut fabric, how close to place pieces of fabric when chain piecing, and the speed of machine quilting.

Any sewer or quilter knows that sewing often requires you to imagine a piece of fabric and then cut it, fold it, sew it, and turn out seams all in your mind’s eye. Sometimes quilting is like one of those spatial reasoning problems you used to see on standardized tests as a kid! But piecing and binding don’t have to be as challenging as logic puzzles. With these quilting videos, you can see exactly how to stitch, fold, and pin a binding strip to create a mitered corner, and you can finally figure out which sides of fabric and fusible web go where when you’re doing fusible applique.

Whether you’re a novice quilter just learning the basics of quilting or a more experienced quilter looking for tips that will make quilting easier, check out 6 YouTube Quilting Videos for Beginners. You might just see something that will give you a better picture of quilting techniques.

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