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Geek Crafts: Geek Love Cross Stitch Pattern


Hello, Geek Crafters!

Hi, I’m Haley Pierson-Cox! If you follow my blog, The Zen of Making, then you already know that I’m a pretty geeky gal. (The TARDIS dress really gives it away, doesn’t it?) But, if you’re just meeting me for the first time today, consider this your warning: I’m about to talk nerdy to you. So, strap on that proton pack, pick up the gold bikini from the cleaners, and make sure your sonic screwdriver is fully charged, because, thanks to FaveCrafts, I’ll be taking you on a new adventure into the fabulous and freaky world of geek crafts every week!

Since this is the first column in my series, I’m kicking things off by sharing a little geek love. So, if you’ve ever painted a Warhammer army, stalked Adam Savage at the Emmys (that actually happened), or studied Klingon in your spare time, download a free copy of my cross-stitch pattern and let your geek flag fly!


Step 1
Cross-stitch patterns are worked in horizontal rows. To begin, work the first leg of each stitch across the full length of the row using 2-ply embroidery floss. Count each stitch carefully to ensure correct spacing.

Step 2
Once you’ve stitched all of the legs in one direction, cross each stitch in the opposite direction, working backwards toward the beginning of the row.

Step 3
Once you’ve completed the first row, finish each subsequent row following the instructions in steps 1 and 2.

Step 4
After you’ve completed all rows in the pattern, give your glasses a touch of personality by adding silver temples to the pairs in navy and yellow french knot “pearls” to the pairs in green.

Tips for successful stitching:

Are you ready to get your geek on? Leave a comment below and tell me about the shows, characters, movies, books, etc. that you’d like to see featured in my weekly geek crafts posts!