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Geek Crafts: Keyboard Key Tie Tack or Lapel Pin Tutorial

I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your weekly dose of geeky goodness!

Have an old keyboard lying around, just waiting for a project? Make a keyboard key tie tack or lapel pin for your favorite computer geek!


The following tutorial will show you how to make one keyboard key pin.

Step 1
Apply E-6000 adhesive to the pin post, then glue it in place in the center of the back side of the key.

Step 2
Once the glue on the pin post has set, center the felt square on the pin, then press it down to meet the key back, covering the base of the pin post.

Step 3
Use the toothpick to carefully apply adhesive to the underside of the felt, securing it in place on the back of the key.

Step 4
Allow the adhesive to dry completely before wearing the finished pin.

Have you made something awesome with old computer parts? Leave a comment below and share your favorite tips and ideas!