Geek Crafts: 18 Nerdy Crafts to Geek Out Over

Greetings, fellow nerdlings! Let’s be honest: It seems like the definition of “geek” gets fuzzier and fuzzier these days. In fact, it’s almost become “cool” to be “nerdy” (whatever that means). I think we’d all admit we’ve got a little “geek” in us, right? I mean, I love to curl up with my laptop and indulge in a Lord of the Rings movie marathon on a Friday night as much as the next gal. So let’s celebrate the nerd in all of us with these awesome geek crafts!

May the Force Be with You

To most people, Star Wars is the epitome of nerd-dom, but who among us hasn’t turned an empty wrapping paper tube into a lightsaber? For the Jedi in all of us, we’ve brought together a few Star Wars craft ideas.

Nerdy Stenciled T-Shirts – Featuring everyone’s favorite furry beast, Chewbacca.
Little Yoda Crochet Tutorial – Crochet him, you will.
Darth Vader and R2D2 Tees – Good and evil, for every fashion mood.


Dungeons and Dragons

This collection of dragon craft ideas was inspired by the ultimate geek game: Dungeons and Dragons! Make one of these dragon-inspired wearable crafts to sport at your next Saturday night D&D session, and you’ll be the mythical envy of all your fellow fantasy fanatics.

Fun Dragon Hat – Complete with spikes and tail.
Dino Dragon Tails – Could work for paleontology parties too.
Dragon Scale Weave Tutorial – This chainmaille tutorial doubles as dragon scales AND armor, so you’re ready for battle.

All About Argyle

Argyle isn’t just for sweater vests anymore! These awesome argyle patterns are bringing your favorite nerd print to an afghan or ornament near you.

Easy Argyle Baby Quilt – It’s never too early to start.
Argyle Cream Afghan – Curl up with a stack of comic books.
Argyle Applique Ornament – Nerd out your Christmas tree!

Book Worm

Everyone’s familiar with this geek stereotype. Nerds always have their noses buried in a book, don’t they? These crafts are geared toward your inner book junkie!

Mini Bookshelf Quilt – It’s an instant library! You’re looking smarter already.
Book Jacket – It’s like a pocket protector for your book!
Make Your Own Binder Cover – Gotta keep those notes fresh.

Four Eyes and Fancy Free

Every good nerd needs a pair of glasses (complete with tape on the bridge). Glam up your specs with these visionary craft projects.

Eye Glass Holders – Steve Urkel style.
Eyeglass Case – Keep those Coke bottles scratch-free!
No Sew Eyeglasses Case – No broken glasses here!

Techie Accessories

The “techie” is like its own genre of nerd. Tech geeks would be lost without their laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. These crafts are for all you tech-savvy nerds out there.

Quick and Easy Reversible Laptop Sleeve – For the techie on the go.
Cute Computer Key Pendants – Hey, computer nerds can be fashion-forward.
iPad Cross Body Sleeve for Dad – Ultimate techie man bag.

There you have it: 18 nerd-tastic crafts to geek out over! The days of hiding your inner nerdiness are over; nerds are in! So throw on your collector’s edition Star Trek DVDs, and try out some of these geeky craft projects!

Do you consider yourself a “nerd”? What’s something you totally geek out over?

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