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Fun Craft Ideas for Kids: Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

Lucky Leprechaun TreatsWhether your heritage calls for it or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to celebrate. And at AllFreeKidsCrafts, we’ll take any chance to deliver you amazingly fun crafts for kids. During this special celebration, rainbows appear without the inevitable storm, luck comes to all who wear green, and leprechauns run about freely distributing gold. That definitely doesn’t sound like something you’d want to miss. Get in the green spirit by crafting rainbows, baking lucky treats, and making shamrock projects galore.

Another way to celebrate the day of green? Green crafting! Make crafts that are environmentally friendly to tip your hat to the Irish.  Even better? Shamrocks that are made from recycled materials or rainbows that reuse items. Here’s to a lucky day full of green and gold!

Rainbow WindcatcherRainbow Crafts for Kids

On St. Patrick’s Day every rainbow leads to a pot of gold. Instead of searching the ends of the earth, bring the rainbow and the gold to you. Craft these colorful pick-me-ups and you’ll be rolling in the gold. I really like the Rainbow Windcatcher as an easy but bright decoration. This beauty is sure to bring in the luck o’ the Irish.

Other Rainbow Crafts for Kids:

Drip Painted Rainbow Pots
Lucky Li’l Rainbow Magnet
Rainbow Brite Pencil Holder
Butterfly Suncatchers


Edible Crafts for KidsLucky Chocolate Hats

When you’re baking for St. Patrick’s Day, every edible craft comes out perfectly thanks to leprechaun sous chefs. There are endless designs for adorable kids’ crafts made from food for St. Patrick’s Day. As a perfect craft to hand out to the whole class, make Lucky Chocolate Hats and your tummy will definitely feel lucky. This treat is almost as good as a pot of gold with a sugar cookie and chocolate in one adorable arrangement. In a close second is the Candy Rainbow and Pot o’ Gold, which is more something you’d make as a centerpiece or to devour yourself. With white chocolate covered marshmallows, sour strips, M&Ms, and gold coins, you won’t back away unsatisfied.

Other Lucky Edible Crafts for Kids:

Shamrock Pretzel Snacks
Leprechaun Hat with Chocolate Coins Craft
Lucky Leprechaun Treats


Shamrock WandShamrockin’ Easy Crafts for Kids

Nothing’s better than an easy breezy craft that the kids can make themselves. Well, aren’t you lucky! You’ll get time to yourself as the kiddos craft the adorable Shamrock Wand. Your little leprechauns will have a blast crafting green and shamrock and rollin’. Arrange a Walnut Shell Treasure Hunt to start a fun family tradition each year for St. Patrick’s Day.

Other Shamrockin’ Easy Crafts for Kids:

Lucky Lass Accessory

Walnut Shell Treasure Hunt

BONUS: Check out AllFreeKidsCrafts’ special collection of 13 Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids for more luck!

What is your family’s special tradition for Saint Patrick’s Day?

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