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Frog Crafts for Leap Day Are Hoppin’

February 29th is considered Leap Day because the day doesn’t occur every year. It likes to leap every four years. If we didn’t have this one extra day every now and then, the seasonal calendar would eventually be thrown off. This means one extra day of crafting! So hop to it!

We’re pairing up Leap Day with frog crafts. And nothing is cuter than some froggy baby patterns! There are also a lot of patterns for stuffed toys that will get you leaping for joy. And I found plenty of other fun frog activities with our fine amphibian friends.

Baby Patterns for Little Tadpoles

What’s green and has buggy eyes? A baby in froggy accessories! Knit this adorable Froggy Hat and Socks or a Baby Cocoon with a hat and booties. These would be awesome frog crafts to make for any leap year baby. And I just have to share this free baby Frog Suit tutorial from Wacky Baby Knits that I found on Etsy.

Froggy Stuffed Toys

Make some cool frogs with these patterns for stuffed toys. (Get it? Cool frogs, cold-blooded.) Some Little Frogs are pocket-sized and will fit right in the palm of your hand. Others are a bit bigger like crocheted Freddy the Frog or Ribbit Knit Frog. Then there are the charming ones like this Frog Prince from Lil Blue Boo.

Creative Frog Activities

Make plenty of other frog crafts with different types of materials. Use any one of these froggy cross stitch kits to do some fun stitching. You can get the kids crafting, make some paper plate frogs with this tutorial from Mommyapolis. Or have them make an Eco Froggy Bank. It’s a green craft in more than one way. Kids will love feeding this frog their change and letting it save for them.

What are you making on this extra crafting day?