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Free Printable Collection: 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving-Crafts-for-KidsThanksgiving may be my favorite American holiday. It’s got some tough competition with the heat of the 4th of July, the pride of Memorial Day, the love of Valentine’s Day, and the spook of Halloween, but there’s something about the family time associated with Turkey Day that brings it to the top. Between the football, food, and family, I’m a happy camper. Though there’s one thing missing from that list, though, that will bring your Thanksgiving from fabulous to one to remember forever. Weave Thanksgiving crafts for kids into your celebration, and the quality of your family time will increase tenfold. The inherent cooperation, creative charge, and excitement associated with crafting will bond the family like no other activity.

Keep the free eBook 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids by your side this November for a festive, family-oriented, and FUN autumn season. There are craft projects for all ages, which means that the entire family can participate in this road to thankfulness. That’s right; these projects aren’t only a blast, but they’re also the perfect vehicles for opening up a conversation about the history of the holiday and the importance of showing gratitude.

As an added bonus, when you spend time crafting with the “fam,” you’re focused less on eating and more on bonding, leading to a holiday season sans the tight pants!

Burlap Toilet Roll TurkeyTurkey Crafts

There’s argument over whether there was actually a turkey at the first Thanksgiving, but despite its presence or lack thereof, the turkey has become the symbol of Thanksgiving. To open up discussion about the meal that started this all and to fill your home with festive fowls, craft some of the adorable turkey crafts found in this free eBook. Between handprint feathers, rustic versions, and environmentally-friendly birds, everyone will find his perfect project within these pages.

Educational Thanksgiving Crafts

Thrifty Thanksgiving Table Boat Race

Nothing is better than a fun activity that kids don’t even realize is educational. While they’re creating, discussing, and playing with these 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids, they’ll also be learning about history, hardships, and gratitude. Start with the boat races to learn about the NiƱa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, and then craft realistic corn to learn about what life was like in the 16th Century. Learning is infused in each and every one of the crafts presented in this free eBook, so you can’t go wrong with whichever you choose.


What is your favorite aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday?




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