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Free Knitting Patterns for Fall

Okay, so it’s a little difficult to imagine wearing, let alone knitting, a sweater, scarf, shawl, or gloves. Especially when it is nearly July and the temperatures are soaring quickly into the 90’s. But all those things take time to make people! Before you know it, school is going to be starting and the leaves will be turning colors, and then panic mode will set in because you didn’t get a head start. Never fear, though, I compiled the biggest list of free knitting patterns for fall. You’re going to feel so cozy in these knit sweaters, homemade knit scarves, and fuzzy mittens.

Warm, homemade sweaters are going to be your favorite thing to make this summer because by the time you get done with all these easy sweater patterns, it will be time to wear them! All of your friends and family will be begging you to make them one of the fun and stylish knits for the fall instead of spending money at the store. You can get unique colors and patterns that match your personality and all of your winter wear. I don’t know about you, but I hate mismatched coats and accessories. I think the worst that has ever happened is a purple jacket with a red and black scarf, and green gloves. Yeah. Nothing matched. I really wish I had this awesome list of fall and winter knitting patterns, so I could have been strutting around with some stylish warmth.

So don’t make the same mistake as me. You have plenty of time before the season starts to change, but there are so many options that you won’t know where to begin. Let me help you. I would start with simple scarf patterns. In my mind, they are the fastest to get done. So if you’re knitting for more than just yourself, then these are the first and easiest thing to get done. Next, I would knit an easy hat for winter. That way, you get use out of it for both seasons, and they will look so cute with everything you wear!

So get your needles ready for this fall knitting spree because you’re going to need to start early for all these free knitting patterns!

Free Knitting Patterns for Fall

Free Knitting Patterns


25 Free Knit Scarf Patterns for Fall

These super easy knit scarves are a great way to start your fall knitting early because everyone is going to want one of these fancy scarves this season!

Comfy and Cozy Knitted Sweater Patterns

These sweater patterns have options for both men and women.

How Knit Sweater Top Any Season

In case you’re wanting some beginner sweater patterns.

Knit Mittens

Because mittens. Mittens are cute for adults too.

Prayer Shawl Patterns for Knitting

Cuddle with these warm shawls without being swamped in a giant throw blanket. Drape these over your shoulders and relax in the autumn evening.

48 Knit Hat Patterns for Winter

There are so many different styles and shapes of hats that you will have to try them all.


What is your favorite fall accessory?

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