Finished on the 15th: FaveCrafts Blog Hop for February

Welcome to the fifth FaveCrafts Blog Hop! The “Finished on the 15th” blog hop is where you get to showcase your work: show us everything you made so far this month, from DIY home decor and holiday decorations to homemade clothing and general craft projects. We like it all! We’ll be hosting a “Finished on the 15th” blog hop right here on the 15th of every month, so be sure to return and link up each month. Check out last month’s hop too!

How to Participate:

  1. Write a blog post on your own blog showcasing any projects you’ve made this month. Though we’d love for you to post only projects that were made in the last 30 days, older content is welcome too. You can talk about the crafting process, write up a tutorial, or merely show off the finished project.
  2. Add your link to this post by clicking on “Click Here to Enter” at the bottom of the screen and following the instructions. Make sure you link to your specific blog post, not your homepage, and give it a caption.
  3. Add a thumbnail image of your craft project to accompany your link. You can use an image from your blog post or one that is saved on your computer.
  4. Copy the FaveCrafts Blog Hop button from above and paste it into your blog post, linked to the FaveCrafts Blog Hop post, so that everyone who reads your blog can see that you’ve been featured on FaveCrafts!
  5. Please, no links to Etsy shops or other online stores. Unfortunately, we will have to delete any entries that link to an item for sale.


  1. Cherish says

    Looks like there was a run time error when I tried to post mine and then the linky was missing upon refresh. I know we have several hours to go on the hop, hopefully it will be back up and running again soon.

  2. Patti says

    #58 is a purchase pattern linked to Etsy. I would really like to have a pattern like that, but considering it is pay, I guess not

  3. Carie says

    I’m pretty disappointed. There are a lot of projects on here that are linked to either Etsy or other web pages charging for the patterns.

  4. Carolyn Wainscott says

    I must be blind- I have searched thsi site over and cannot find the “click here to enter” to connect my blog entry for the Finished on the 15th, unless March is not having one. help!!


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