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Featured Craft Videos

We’ve been featuring more videos in our newsletters the past few weeks! We’ve also been showcasing a YouTube Video of the Week on Facebook, tweeting about a new video each week, and filling up our Pinterest video board with these hand-selected videos tutorials!

We love video tutorials at FaveCrafts because sometimes you just need a visual aid to go with your written instructions. It’s much more beneficial to see a skilled crafter demonstrate a new crafting technique before you try it out!

Here are the featured videos from the past few weeks, and don’t forget to subscribe to the FaveCraftsVideo YouTube Channel to get hundreds more!

How to Crochet a Button: In this crochet video for beginners you’ll see how simple it is to crochet a button cover. If you’ve got a lot of mismatched buttons or you just like the look of a crochet embellished button, you’ll love this technique! Bring new lift to your clothes and bags with this crochet button pattern

You can see the whole project here: Lacy Crochet Button

How to Make an Easter Pyramid Bag: Make your own treat bags for Easter using this video tutorial. You can turn scrapbook paper into a cute Easter pyramid bag to hold candy and other goodies with these Easter craft ideas.

You can see the whole project here: Easter Pyramid Candy Bag

How to Crochet Easter Eggs: Use these beginner crochet patterns this Easter to make crochet Easter eggs! These make great centerpieces and Easter basket fillers.

You can see part 2 here: How to Crochet Easter Eggs: Part 2

How to Make a Windsock: Learn how to make a windsock in a few easy steps. If you’re looking for summer fun crafts for kids to enjoy with you, consider making a colorful windsock with them! This project is a great introduction to sewing as well.

You can see a similar project here: Blowin’ in the Wind Windsock

How to Make Wedding Feather Fascinators: Creating fascinators for your wedding is simple! Wear a bridal flower and feather fascinator in your hair for your special day with this thrifty and simple tutorial.

You can see this and more wedding crafts here: 3 Tips for Hosting a Wedding on a Budget

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