Turn Your Favorite Book into Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Do you have a collection of favorite books that you just can’t get rid of? Maybe you have a few that you never plan on reading. Why not get crafty with them? Crafts using recycled materials are only becoming more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone loves to save some money. So, if you are a frugal soul and you have some old books lying around that, let’s face it, you are never, ever going to read, then put them to some use with these Christmas crafts made from old book pages. Christmas may be a long way away, but book crafts can be made during any season.

A great craft that you should definitely try is the Book Leaf Wreath. This craft is great for this time of year in particular because it isn’t just a Christmas decoration! You can use different ribbons to make this wreath a summer decoration, and then change out the bows during each season.

Another fabulous book craft is the Altered Book Card Holder. This doesn’t need to be just for Christmas cards. Feel free to decorate it in whatever color scheme you like, and use it year-round for birthday cards, Valentine’s Day mail, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Don’t forget the Recycled Bird Ornament! Use book pages to create this darling ornament craft. Even though it’s an ornament, it doesn’t exclusively need to hang from your Christmas tree. Add it to any plant, real or fake, that you have in your house. Just be sure you don’t accidentally water it!

  1. Book Leaf Wreath from Under the Table and Dreaming
  2. Altered Book Victorian Style Christmas Ornament from Fun Family Tips
  3. Christmas Tree Altered Book from Morganized Chaos
  4. Altered Book Card Holder from Beyond the Picket Fence
  5. Recycled Bird Ornament from Under the Table and Dreaming
  6. Stand Up Book Angel from Curtain Queen
  7. Christmas Book Decorations from Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
  8. Christmas House Shaped Book from That Artist Woman
  9. Music Sheet Christmas Ornaments from Lark and Lola




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Now we have to ask, what is your favorite book to read?



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