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FaveCrafts.com 365 Who Let the Dogs Out?

Many of our daily v-logs have been and will be recorded in my own DogHouse Studios in central east coast Florida (except when there is a road trip like the Craft and Hobby trade show coming up at the end of the month) and I didn’t pick the name DogHouse out of thin air. I’ve got 2 dachshunds and 2 basset hounds who consider my studio, yep, their dog house!

I thought I’d introduce you to the baby of the family, Edison. He’s got lots of nicknames, but for professional work¬†he¬†prefers I use his formal name. And trust me, he’s got more fans on Facebook than I do! He has only 1 rule as you’ll see in the video, but I mention a few more if you are crafting for pets.

Do you have a pet? Come on, tell us… you know you want to brag!