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FaveCrafts 365 Where Are Those Hexagon Boxes???

During my January 11, 2011 FaveCrafts 365 video report I threw out a challenge! I showed a cute plain paper hexagon box and asked for ideas to create something unique. Well, I did say I’d have it done in two weeks and that would have been January 25, 2011.  Hmmmm….looks like I didn’t make my deadline.

Normally, I would be upset by missing a deadline, but YOU noticed! I can’t be anything but happy that several of you have been watching and waiting and I’m so proud! That means that FaveCrafts 365 is becoming a part of more and more people’s daily routine. Let’s all have a party!!!

Okay, party has to wait! I’ve got to get these 4 boxes done! Watch the video to see the great ideas I was given! I can’t wait to get started!

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