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FaveCrafts 365 Peeps Revisited!

Seems like Peeps are popular! I did a little FaveCrafts 365 on our family debate over fresh or stale Peeps and you guys opened the door to even more Peeps adventures by suggesting microwaving and freezing Peeps! Wow! I enjoyed both!

This v-log report explores the amazing possibilities for Peeps! Any more suggestions? Just leave a comment!

Original FaveCrafts 365 Peep report.

Here is a link to a video showing you how to microwave a Peep.

The original Peeps were baby chickens so here’s some cute chick projects:

Pom Pom Chickies to make by the dozen and just make you smile, so easy to do!

Glittering Chicks Card is fun and such a cute project for kids.

Spring Chicks to sew and adore. It’s a quickie project!