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FaveCrafts 365 Hexagon Box Challenge! SeaLife!

As artists, crafters, and creative types, we can take a few liberties, and today mine is using a capitol “L” for SeaLife. The idea behind this box came from Jumasto who suggested an aquarium motif. That’s right up my alley, since I have a huge salt water aquarium for my shark, Joy. Plus I love snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and anything to do with the oceans. My husband and I often walk the beach looking for seeds, sea glass, and shells. We see a ton of seaweed too! Thus, I had a great time recreating some seaweed for this box using one of my favorite supplies… yarn! I hope you enjoy my last box in this challenge. Thank you so much, Jumasto!

I had a blast making the boxes. I hope to have another box challenge soon! Right now I’m Sizzix-less after giving my beloved Sizzix machine to my friend, Sheryl Bordon, the host of Creative Living on PBS. But as soon as I can find one of those amazing Sizzix Vagabonds, I’ll be back in business!!!

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