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23 Far Out Tie Dye Patterns

Far-Out-Tie-Dye-PatternsGrab your fortunate son and teach him the ancient, sacred art of tie dying. Okay… maybe it’s not that sacred, but tie dying has been around a lot longer than back when you were California dreamin’. Chill out if you don’t know how to dye a shirt. These tutorials will teach you how to just let it be and start out simple. For what it’s worth, a few Sweet Summer Shirts may be just what you need to get warmed up before you’re ready to tackle more complex patterns. Imagine your kids living in harmony and helping each other make these cool tie dye shirts.

Whether you’re living in San Francisco with flowers in your hair or just dreaming of more peaceful times, making your own tie dye T-shirt can be a fun project to fill some free time. Everybody’s talkin’ about bold colors, so go with the flow and add some wearable art to your closet. It’s okay if you’re not an Aquarius. You can still let the sunshine in with these far out tie dye patterns.


How to Tie Dye

Sweet Summer ShirtsThere’s a first time for everything, and tie dying is no exception. Here are a few easier tutorials to help get yourself warmed up and feeling groovy. With a few of these cool T-shirts, you will be feeling like a free spirit for the rest of the year. Get ready to┬áride the storm and take on a Tie-Dye Hurricane Swirl. The possibilities are endless with a blank shirt as your canvas and fabric dye as your paints. Make a few shirts for yourself and another kind woman.


Cool Tie Dye Designs

Purple Lightning Tie DyeThe times they are a-changin’ and you’re getting better at your beginner tie dye techniques. It’s time to move on to something a little more challenging. Try adding a little Purple Lightning Tie-Dye to your skills, or create a Starfire Explosion Bullseye Tee to show your adventurous side.


Tie Dye Techniques for Kids

Desert Sunset Tie Dye T-ShirtKids love letting their creativity loose with tie dye shirt designs. These techniques were designed especially for kids to create and wear for their very first revolution (or just for a bit of summertime fun). Your daughter or son would look adorable in a Desert Sunset Paradise T Shirt, so help get it started and watch your children’s imagination soar.


Sunburst Blossom Pillow




Discover these and more fun tie dye patterns in this collection of 94 Tie Dye Techniques and Patterns. Your inner peace frog won’t be calmed until you try at least one!




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