Fall Crafts For Kids: As Simple As Leaves, Pine Cones, And Twigs

There is a very small window during fall when the leaves are changing and glowing in vibrant hues of red, gold and orange. It’s only a matter of weeks before the the tree branches turn bare and the cast-off leaves on the ground crumple and brown.

Natural elements such as leaves, pine cones, and twigs are a great source of artistic beauty and fun for planning fall crafts for kids.

Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids

FaveCrafts offers a glittery leaf project that can be used throughout the fall season as a decorative wall hanging. The Decorative Fall Plaque project simply requires some paint, glitter, and real leaves from your backyard.

Lana’s blog called I Love My Five Kids offers another decorative solution with leaves, pine cones and other natural items. In her Fall Crafts For Kids Easy And Free Guest Post she explains that with rocks, sticks, leaves, pine cones and other objects found in nature, along with tacky glue and wiggly eyes, your children can glue together animals and creatures.

On her blog called Single Mom Blogs, Heather Prinz describes her Fall Color String of Leaves project. She suggests taking a basket and going outside with your kids to gather leaves. In addition, you will need yarn and glue. Then, you can simply tie the leaf stems to the yarn and seal the knots with glue. To learn more about the easy fall craft, check out her blog! In addition, she offers tips for other projects such as Apple Candle Holders, Nature Inspired Shirts, and Painted Gourds.

Pine Cone Fall Craft For Kids

FaveCrafts offers a delightful project in which pine cones can be converted into little ballerinas. Pine Cone Glitter Ballerinas are environmentally friendly and can be made using pine cones and lots of glitter. Your ballerinas can be embellished with crepe paper, party hats, crowns, tinsel garland and small pompoms.

More Easy Fall Crafts For Kids

In her blog called Life Together, Growing In Faith & Love, Meg shows how to make cute fall crafts from materials that can be found around the house. With her project,Fly Black Bird, Meg describes how a toilet paper roll, black paint, buttons, felt, and wiggly eyes can come together to create a kid-friendly black bird.

Meg also shows how a hand print can be used to create a colorful tree in her project called Hand Print Tree.  She explains that you simply paint yours or your child’s arm and hand with washable paint, press it onto paper, and use your fingertips to make multi-colored leaves. It’s finger painting with a seasonal touch!

In her blog called The Honorable Mention, Barbra Stephens shows how to make yarn pumpkins and apples. The project, Simple Yarn Kid Crafts For Fall, is easy enough for preschoolers! All you need are scissors, yarn and pipe cleaners.

If you want to see more craft ideas for any season, check out the FaveCrafts site. You also can post photos of your work on FaveCraft’s Facebook page.


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