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Etsy Pick: Crafty Kitchen

I am a kitchen gadget addict. I can spend hours just browsing the kitchen department of a Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I have drawers overflowing with items like dumpling makers and apple corers. I own more small kitchen electrics than the housewares section of Macys. I have a problem.

So browing Etsy this morning, I decided I would become my own enabler (if that’s even possible). In my hunt for “all things kitchen,” I came across a few standouts. These are my favorites.

These Diet Coke Salt and Pepper shakers come from recycledthings. Not only are recycledthing’s projects whimsical and unique, but they are made from recycled materials, making them eco-friendly.

My parents collect wine glasses and I’ve always been a fan of the funky, colorful ones. These hand-painted glasses from vsilcoxdesigns would be a good addition to their collection.

I like this casserole/food carrier from prettyinpurple because it’s something I never would have thought of. It’s a great idea to have something to transport tupperware in, especially when you are driving. And it’s cute. Where was this when I was attempting to transport a cupcake tower for a friend’s birthday?