Grandma’s Favorite: English Paper Piecing Techniques and Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

The tradition of quilting is often one that’s passed down between family members, so many quilters can recall fond memories of the patterns their mothers and grandmothers used to make. One classic style that’s still very popular within both traditional and contemporary quilting is English paper piecing; these little hexies can be used to make flowers, chic designs, and much more. No matter what size your dream pattern is, English paper piecing can really come in handy.


English Paper Piecing for Your Home Decor

Hexagon designs have a certain old fashioned look to them that becomes incredibly stylish and modern when used within a home decor pattern. It’s amazing; just one little shape can turn into an entire table runner, a mod bed quilt pattern, or even a festive little pop up basket for the holidays. Once you’ve made a few, building an entire design will seem like such a breeze, giving you plenty of room to experiment with your color schemes and detail work.

Quilted Wearables

What better way to represent your quilting in your everyday life than with a beautiful quilted accessories? They’re great for quilters who want to work on their hand stitching, and they’re so small that they’ll barely require any materials. If you have any jewelry fans in your family, these designs are also excellent gift ideas that are even more special because you made them yourself.

Decorative Quilted Bag Patterns and Organization Ideas

These patterns are such treats for quilters; they’re colorful, super cute, and all serve a purpose. Hexies can turn any regular bag pattern into a modern fashion statement, and even items you make to help you stay organized like pincushions and pouches will look more decorative and at home with a few hexies popping within their patterns.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

The most classic use for hexagon patterns has to be the grandmother’s flower garden quilt. The simple, but eye-catching style complements just about anything and provides quilts with a refined delicacy that looks like it came straight out of the past.


Learn how you can create a magical quilt pattern with English paper piecing techniques with Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden: A Fresh Look at English Paper Piecing. We’re giving away a free copy, so enter to win before November 12th!


What’s your favorite way to use English paper piecing?






  1. DeeDee Isaacs says

    EPP is something I haven’ t tried yet. This book looks like a winner, for EPP newbies and accomplished quilters.

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