National Sewing Month 2012: Emebellished Hat Tutorial

Welcome to Day 4 of our special National Sewing Month blog series. Today, our friend Megan from the blog Brassy Apple, is here to share an awesome embellished hat tutorial with you. After you’ve followed along with her tutorial, leave a comment below the post for your chance to win our mystery prize! Remember, you can enter to win each day of the series so keep coming back to see what’s in store for you!

Here’s your special post created by Megan Pyrah. To learn more about Megan and to find more of her sewing projects, visit her Designer Profile.




  • Plain hat/cap
  • some knit scraps
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
Step 1: I found this cute gray hat at Target sometime this past year. I liked the shape and color but didn’t care for the bow on me. But I knew it could be easily removed.
Just a little help from the seam ripper and it was off! I saved the bow piece to cut-up and use for embellishment.
Step 2: I stuck with a gray palette but you could use any colors you’d like! Using an old T-shirt from my “refashion” pile, I cut several circles in different sizes.
Step 3: Take 1 circle (larger) and fold it in quarters. These create a “petal” and when stacked together in a circle and layered on top of each other they look like a flower. It’s easiest to stack largest on bottom to smaller on top. The knit curls and folds in a great way to give volume and interest. Use your needle and thread and run a few stitches through it to secure it on. Repeat this process to create the look you like.
You can also roll rosettes and attach with your needle and thread.
Just create a look you love by stacking different colors, sizes and shapes. Make it full or minimal! Now I guess I won’t ever be caught wearing the same hat as anyone else!

Are you a hat wearer?


  1. Samantha Carlini says

    This is adorable. I might have to go get me a hat like this.

    I would love to win the contest for the National Sewing Month 2012 and I absolutely love your blog. Now if I could just find the time to do the projects.

  2. Sarah R. says

    Too cute! I don’t normally wear hats but I have a dear sister friend who does. Guess what is going in her stocking this year. Thanks for all the great ideas (and the giveaway).

  3. Lynn G. says

    Oh my goodness! My Mom lost her hair from chemo and I got her a bunch of hats to wear. These will look so cute and spruce up her hats so she will really be stylin’! Her nurses will really be ooooing and ahhhhing over them. Thank you so much for the idea. We love it!

  4. Erica says

    This is so adorable, the fall is coming and its a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Hopefully I will get the time to make it before the cold hits hard. Fabulous. Thanks for letting us in.

  5. Sue D says

    Definitely better than the bow. I think hats are cute but I have never been a hat wearer except for the baseball cap I wear when mowing the lawn.

  6. kimm lipka says

    this is so cute and can’t be any easier to make. always looking for new sewing projects like this one.

  7. Brenda says

    Love this hat! Wish more ladies wore hats like they did back in the 50’s and 60’s!
    This is a cute one for sure!

  8. Margo Lemke says

    That is really cute. I have a pattern for a hat like that. Might just be the incentive I need to make it.

  9. Patricia Crowley says

    I don’t usually wear hats…but this one is cute! My niece would love something like this!

  10. Carmen says

    I don’t often wear hats as they are not part of our office dress code. But I always think they look cute!

  11. Mimi says

    Although I am not a ‘hat’ person… this pattern is very sweet and I know that my daughter would love it!!

  12. CarolHS says

    Wow! Love the embellishment you added! I like hats, but I can’t wear them. With a hat on, I always look like I’m about ten years old playing dress up with my Mom’s stuff

  13. Sandy K. says

    My friend will be starting chemo soon and I now know what this special lady will be getting– some ‘custom made by Sandy ‘ hats. Thank you.

  14. Marilize says

    Ah – so quick! Thanks for a great tut.

    I do sunhats and caps when I hike, so this will come in hany to make some uniquely me pieces.

  15. Susan says

    I love hats and look great in hats. However, I had my fill of hats when I went through chemo and haven’t worn a hat since. Love my naturally curly hair that I have now. It’s not really, really curly but I don’t have to curl it. It’s getting long again (after donating to Locks of Love) and the weight of my hair pulls some of the curl out. And, since even after 10 years of meds to keep from getting cancer again (yep, I’m high risk), my hair tends to fall out easier. I;m blessed to still have plenty of hair – lots thicker than many, many of my friends. So, I show off my lovely hair. And, no I never cried when I lost my hair – it bothered my adult children much, much more.

  16. Brenda Hamm says

    Love it! As a member of the Red Hat Society,. there can never be enough ways to embellish a hat.
    Bren, Grand Duchess of Bad Hair Days
    Red Hatcinnati
    (My red hat name and group in Cincinnati, Ohio)

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