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Eco Crafts from Cool2Craft

This guest post was written by Tiffany Windsor from Cool2Craft.

My sister, EcoHeidi Borchers, and I have had the great fortune to grow up watching the original eco-crafter, Aleene.  Momma Aleene started her first business in 1944 and in 1968, she toured the country with her Aleene’s Craftmaker Caravan which is credited with the birth of the craft industry we know today. Many of her first craft books featured decorating your discards, trimming your trash and glittering your garbage. Because of the lack of craft stores in that era, craft designers had to be very creative with their materials, many times reaching for plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, tissue paper, foil, fabrics, food items like pasta, cornflakes and bread, glass bottles and much more.

We’ve been diving into our trash bins to upcycle trash long before it was called eco-crafting and we continue to be inspired by the vintage Aleene’s projects as we continue to enjoy dreaming up new ideas from supplies that our Momma Aleene never could have imagined we’d be eco-crafting with… like plastic water bottles!

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