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14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids

I remember the feeling I would get on the last day of school before summer. It was a nervous, anxious, excited, butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling that made me reflect on the school year and think the cliche “where did the time go?” The two months ahead promised sleeping in, bonfire-filled evenings, trips to the beach, and water fights to beat the heat. While the summer isn’t nearly as exciting now, since there is no such thing as a summer break in the working world, it still instills feelings of excitement, cheer, and lightness. Bring those feelings into your home with 14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids.

Whether you spend your summer working or watching the kids build sandcastles, the merriment of summer should permeate through your home. This is easily achievable with the guidance of the free 14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids eBook. Inside, you’ll find crafts that bring summer to you. All of the crafts are easy, but they look absolutely fabulous. Kids of all ages will love the printable tutorials that they can easily follow to make the perfect summer crafts for kids. There are projects that bring kids outside into the sun and others that give a nice break from the heat of summer.

Beach Arts and Crafts for Kidsbeachy-plate-sand-dollars

What’s a summer without a trip to the beach? A kid full of salt water and sand is a must at least once in the hottest season. For all of the other days when you just don’t feel like making that trek to the beach, overflowing your straw bag with shovels, snacks, and sunscreen, and worrying every time a child wanders out of your site, bring the beach home. Kids can make sandcastles within the confines of your property with the help of 14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids. If they’re craving the sun, send them in the yard with the few materials needed to create outstanding beach arts and crafts for kids. The best part about these beach-free sandcastles is that the tide won’t wash them away!

Edible Crafts for Kidscampfire-cupcakes

The heat of the summer leads to rumbling kiddo tummies quite often, and you’ve got to be ready with snacks that will pass. Instead of handing each child a Popsicle, which inevitably leads to sticky hands and lots of laundry, make summer-themed edible crafts for kids from 14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids. Not only are the kids sure to love the taste of these treats, but they’ll also have a blast making them. That means that snack time turns into an activity. a.k.a. one less hour that you have to fill!

Camping Crafts for Kidsrecycled-button-tree

At attention, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America! 14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids is going to help you earn your badges by taking you on camping adventures that are safe for all ages. Build a campfire without worrying about getting burned. The camping crafts for kids in this free eBook are safe, fun, and inexpensive. When they’re too young to spend time hiking in the woods, bring the campfire inside or to the backyard and learn the same skills without the risk.


What is your favorite summer activity with the kids?