Easy Summer Beach Crafts

School is out for the summer and the sun is finally shining. The smell of freshly cut grass, the touch of white sandy beaches and the taste of lemonade all remind me of why summer is my favorite season. Even if you’re in a bad mood, standing five minutes outside can instantly brighten your day. I can see the sun glistening over my shoulders as I type this post, desperately wanting to go to the beach for some fun in the sun.

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to schedule a beach date with you and your kids. Break out your sunscreen, put on your swimsuit, grab the floaties and head outside.

For me, the beach is one of the quintessential places to be this summer. It’s a great place to relax while the kids build sand castles or play in the water, and it’s a refreshing change of scenery from your local pool.

This summer, instead of buying the latest trendy beach bag, try making one yourself. This crochet straw beach bag holds EVERYTHING–and I mean EVERYTHING, including a towel, water wings, flip flops–and the rest of your beach bag essentials. Add bright summer colors such as hot pink, neon green and lemon yellow for a fun and lightweight bag. The bag is also functional enough for shopping and holding groceries. The kids can also create their own beach bags and fill them with buckets and shovels for building sand castles. Speaking of, let the kids’ imaginations soar with this custom beach pail. It only requires five materials, and the paint colors and designs are endless. As a kid, I remember having my own beach pail, which I painted white and then splatter-painted with a bunch of bright colors over the white.

I’m always searching for the perfect cover up for the beach. While I love trendy caftans and tunics, sometimes the price is a little out of my range. Instead, create your own chic and comfy beach cover up. The color options are endless, and this pattern is too cute for words. Your friends will be asking you where you got such a fun tunic.

About halfway into your day at the beach, your kids are probably going to get hungry or thirsty. Bring a reusable or eco-friendly water bottle from home. Keep the water cold by putting the water bottle in this fun water bottle carrier, which has a shoulder strap for easy transportation. This craft is an easy craft to do with the kids and only requires a few materials. It’s a great craft to do on a cold and rainy day, and is perfect for bike rides and baseball games too.

While the kids are playing, take some time to enjoy the beach for yourself. Close your eyes and grab your iPod or MP3 player. My iPod goes with me everywhere, and each summer, I make a new list of songs to listen to while at the beach or the pool. This crochet holder will keep your music player safe from spilling in the sand, and it also works with a small camera or a cell phone.  Don’t forget to take pictures of your day at the beach!

What do you like to bring to the beach?


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    This is a great ideas list! I especially like the painted carry-all bags (my kids have made some of their own and loooove them!).

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