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Sewing Essentials: 7 Easy Sewing Projects to Keep You Organized During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, we’re all gearing up for the big crafting push before Christmas. It’s time to get going on all those hats, sweaters, skirts, quilts, and other sewn gifts that you’ll be putting under the tree come December 25th. But as rewarding as giving a homemade gift can be, there’s no denying that Santa’s to-do list around the holidays is pretty intimidating. But have no fear! AllFreeSewing is here to help you through the stress of holiday sewing with these 7 Easy Sewing Projects to Keep You Organized During the Holidays. From sewing room organization to easy sewing techniques, here are seven secrets to keep you sane through New Year’s!

Easy Breezy Pattern Weights

Easy Breezy Pattern WeightsInstead of using traditional pins to hold the edges of your sewing projects in place, try making these Easy Breezy Pattern Weights. They’re a great way to avoid poking holes in your sewing (and suffering from pinpricks). Best of all, you can whip up these homemade pattern weights in under an hour! There’s no better way to prepare for your Christmas sewing projects than with some snazzy new tools to make sewing just a little easier.


One Step No-Sew Quilting Gloves

One Step No-Sew Quilting GlovesThere’s no better homemade Christmas gift than a cuddly holiday quilt, but all that machine work really does a number on your hands. These One Step No-Sew Quilting Gloves are one of those easy no-sew crafts that will totally change the way you quilt—especially during the holidays, when you’ll be spending long hours at your sewing machine. These gloves will preserve your hands and make the work go faster, so you can get as much out of your quilting as the person who will snuggle up beneath the finished product.

Wrapping Paper Organizer

Wrapping Paper OrganizerIt seems like all my scissors and tape mysteriously go missing in the weeks before Christmas. Combat last minute gift-wrapping panic with this awesome Wrapping Paper Organizer, which has more than enough space to hold all the bits and bobs you need during the holidays.

Even better, this nifty DIY organizer can stay in your sewing room all year long so that you can keep track of all the sewing miscellany that never seems to want to stay put (I’m looking at you, seam ripper). This is one holiday sewing essential that you won’t want to do without.

Patterned Tailor’s Ham

Patterned Tailor's HamThe Patterned Tailor’s Ham is insanely easy to make, costs next to nothing, and will radically change the way you sew your own clothes! The Tailor’s Ham lets you shape and sew projects to better fit body contours. Use this great tool to make sewing garment Christmas gifts a breeze. It won’t take any time at all to whip up one of these wonderful sewing helpers. Your gifts will fit better than ever and you’ll save time on troublesome hemlines.


Quick and Easy Ironing Mat

Quick and Easy Ironing Mat

Ironing boards are handy and necessary during certain sewing projects, but they’re bulky, cumbersome, and take up tons of space in the sewing room. Give yourself a little elbow room with the Quick and Easy Ironing Mat! This DIY ironing board pad can rest on any flat surface – a table, the floor, or even the seat of a chair. For those projects that call for pressed seams or just a little bit of heat, this is a lifesaver. Even better, this ironing mat is incredibly portable, so you can work on your projects wherever you want to without dragging a full ironing board all over the house!

Sewing Sausage Roll

Sewing Sausage RollSmart sewing starts with good equipment, and it doesn’t get any smarter than the Sewing Sausage Roll. This small DIY cushion helps prevent unwanted creasing during ironing, so your homemade Christmas gifts will look fresh and unwrinkled as they’re unwrapped.

Use the Sewing Sausage Roll as a buffer between between your pressed seam and the rest of the project to get a clean, professional look. This is one of the handiest little sewing tools to have around during the rush of Christmas sewing, when you don’t have time to work with every seam to get the wrinkles out.


Handy-Dandy Sewing Caddy

Handy Dandy Sewing CaddyOne fundamental truth about the holidays is that it’s nearly impossible to find time to sit down in your sewing room and get things done. Use this Handy-Dandy Sewing Caddy from Ginabean Quilts to cart projects around during your busy schedule. Any knitting, crochet, or embroidery projects can be tucked safely into the caddy so that you can return to them whenever you have a free moment to sit. The outside pockets are perfect for needles, thread, and scissors, so you’ll never have to worry about losing anything. Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of your sewing! With a little creativity, you can conquer your to-do list without breaking a sweat.


What’s the best trick you’ve learned to get through the stress of the holidays?

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