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Cut Clutter: 13 Simple Storage Solutions

 There’s never a bad time to get organized. Some people make it a priority after the holidays (we’ve all had the organization new year’s resolution at some point), but we don’t like you should wait that long. The kids are heading back to school and the temperatures are starting to drop, so no is the time to hit the reset button on your organization situation. Before you jump in the car and head to your favorite big box store for generic bins and boxes, check out these projects and get inspired to create your own cool storage supplies.

I started thinking about this topic because I recently moved. As I began to unpack, I realized that if I didn’t have some method of organization, I would probably never see a couple of my belongings ever again. Now I don’t look at organization as a burden – it’s a necessity. When you change your view on the topic and make it fun, the creative possibilities really open up. You can use a variety of supplies for the storage and organization crafts in this list. Whether you want to dip into the recycle bin or go crazy with paint, you’ll end up with an amazing organizer – promise!

Discover just how easy it is to craft your own storage supplies and live a clutter-free life. Once you organize your space, your day-to-day existence will feel a little less chaotic. These are big claims but we aim to deliver! Learn how to make your own bins, boxes and bags with these delightful craft tutorials – you won’t be disappointed!


Our Favorite Creative Storage Solutions

Tie Dyed Storage Baskets

Mini Drawer Storage System

Geisha Decoupage Box

Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage

Bed Pocketsgreat for a dorm room!

Perfect Storage Shelf

Bird’s Nest Photo Box

 Initials Storage Bin

Decoupage Storage Bin

Ribbon Organizer

Crochet Stash Baskets

Pringles Can Storage Container

Yarn Storage Box


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How do you stay organized?