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Lovable, Easy Crafts: Miniature Heart Bunting

Miniature Heart Bunting

This post brought to you by Lady Lucas



Cute little buntings are everywhere these days, and I have been wanting to make one that is both simple and small enough to add to my everyday decor. This little heart bunting fits the bill and is a great project for little ones as well!



1. Using a small heart punch, punch six or seven heart shapes out of colored card stock.


2. Arrange your heart shapes in a line and place a string of embroidery floss on top that extends a few inches over either side. Squeeze a dot of glue in the center of each heart and let dry thoroughly. {If you happen to have glue dots on hand, you can use that as an alternative.}


3. Using a thin-tipped black marker, add little faces to the front of your bunting. A pink marker can be used to add rosy cheeks.


4. Tie your string of hearts around two bamboo skewers tightly to create a bunting. Add your bunting into the soil to decorate your favorite plant or add to a freshly baked cake for a great birthday decoration!


5. To use your bunting during play time or for display at home, stick the pointy end of both skewers into balls of clay or weighted artificial moss rounds to stabilize your creation. Add a few adorable miniature toys below your string of hearts or set up a miniature tea party for hours of fun!


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What’s your favorite use for a bunting?