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3 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs: Switch It Up This Year

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Hey there, FaveCrafters! I’m happy to be back on the FaveCrafts Blog today to share a super quick Easter decor tutorial. I have three ways to create Easter eggs using supplies you probably already have in your craft studio.



Washi Tape Egg

This first egg is the easiest. You grab your Washi Tape collection and just add small strips to the egg. Once totally covered cover it with Mod Podge to secure it for years  to come.

Glittered Egg

This one is pretty easy too, but I’m going with a new trend this time – GOLD! It has made a serious comeback in the fashion industry and paper crafting. I’m not usually a fan of gold, but seeing it mixed with color has turned me. Start by liberally covering your paper mache egg with Mod Podge. Next, pour some course glitter in a bowl and toss your egg in and roll it around. Let it dry completely before adding it to your decor. You could also go back over the egg with Mod Podge to secure the glitter, but it’s kind of messy so I left mine as is.

Decoupage Egg

Lastly, we have the artsy egg. I love decoupage art because you can play with layering. I grabbed some of  my spring scrap paper and tore it into little pieces. I also tore up a piece of vintage book paper. I then did the same step as the Washi Tape egg. I added Mod Podge first and then smoothed the paper pieces on and in the end went over the entire thing with Mod Podge to secure it all.

It only took me about 1 hr to make 12 different eggs and to get them into the jars. Visit my blog to learn how to make the jars.

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