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Decorating Differently: Easter Eggs that Won’t Break

I’ll be the first to admit that I love decorating Easter eggs. However, I’ll forever attach a certain amount of anxiety when it comes to dyeing designs onto an egg shell. Reason being: I’m clumsy and am always surrounded by rowdy siblings when I try it. Usually there are at least a couple of casualties by way of broken eggs by the end of my decorating experience. Having reached the age where I am master of my own Easter projects, I’ve decided to seek out new Easter decorating ideas which eliminate the broken eggs shells. Try these tutorials for a (hopefully) happier Easter.

Alternative Easter Eggs!

What first made me think of venturing beyond a fragile egg shell was this sturdy Colorful Swirls Marble Eggs project. No, these aren’t actually marble eggs (that would probably enhance my fear of coloring Easter eggs), these are wooden eggs! Try breaking one of those babies! I can’t believe these escaped my notice for so long.

Colorful Swirls Marbled Eggs

Another alternative Easter idea is to use up those plastic eggs. After every Easter egg hunt, they are all around the house. I love plastic eggs because they are indestructible!

Altered Plastic Eggs

But perhaps you’re not keen at giving the little ones (or your immature, adult siblings) wooden or plastic eggs to play around with. No problem. I was thrilled to find that a happy amount of soft Easter eggs existed. These little chicks, for example, are totally felt. Ergo, they won’t hurt if they happen to be thrown at you.

Felt Egg Chicks

Tough Enough for Tradition?

So maybe you’re happy and careful enough to stick with the classic Easter egg shell to decorate. If so, why not consider some new Easter egg decorating tips? I fond these awesome DIY Blingy Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed. They’re accessorize your traditional Easter egg with a little ice.

Or you could consider going even more modern by using Paper & Stitch’s Metallic Egg Art Easter DIY. I love the metallic addition to a yearly tradition.

Metallic Egg Art Easter DIY

But You STILL Break the Eggs!

If you find yourself with broken shells this year, at least give them some dignity. Maybe these Easter Egg Planters can ease the pain of yet another casualty.

Easter Egg Planters

I hope these alternatives help in your Easter adventures this year. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hightailing it to the craft store to get some everlasting eggs. Otherwise, maybe this is your year to add some variety to the regular decorating experience. Either way, good luck!

What is your biggest Easter egg decorating disaster?