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Do You Eat Your Crafts?

I’ve had food on the brain lately. I sent out a newsletter issue on edible crafts last week (subscribe here so you never have to miss out again!), and then I featured edible crafts in a Link Love post. Now I’ve written an article on 24 Edible Food Crafts, featuring crafts you can eat, crafts made of food, and other food-inspired projects. I definitely worked up quite an appetite while thinking about all that delicious crafting!

One of my favorite crafts from the article is the Amazing and Edible Chocolate Body Scrub. I love so many things about this project: First of all, it involves chocolate, which is enough to get me on board! Second of all, it doubles as a dessert and a body scrub, which is quite impressive. And third of all, I’m a sucker for gifts in a jar, especially homemade ones, and especially edible ones!

I also really like the Ice Cream Cone Party Hat. You can’t actually eat it, but it’s so darn pretty! This is a great craft to use up stale ice cream cones, and I bet it would be a big hit at adult birthday parties too. It reminds me of fun childhood parties that always had to include conical party hats.

The Candy Flowers project caught my attention because it seemed like it could be a cute wedding or wedding shower centerpiece as well. I love crafts that serve multiple purposes, and these paper flowers are both a candy receptacle and a whimsical centerpiece.

One of my favorite craft websites, Craft Gossip, has an entire section devoted to edible crafts. I love poring over the adorable cupcakes, edible party favors, and other food crafts they feature. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed drooling over:

This rainbow cake in a jar is basically perfection. Cake–yes, please. Jars–you already know my opinion of those. Rainbows–sign me up!

When I saw this ruffle cake, I literally gasped. I’m definitely planning on becoming a cake decorating enthusiast now, just so that I can learn how to make this.

And how clever are these graduation push pops? Craft Gossip first tipped me off to the push pop trend, and I can’t get over how adorable and wonderful they are.

Don’t forget to check out my article on 24 Edible Food Crafts to see the rest of the delicious ideas I found on FaveCrafts. And tell me: Are you a fan of the edible craft?

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