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DIY Wedding Trend: Paper Flowers

Speaking to my newly engaged friend, I asked her what some of the latest trends in DIY weddings were and she instantly said paper flowers.  And when I first thought of it, I couldn’t even imagine a bride wanting to give up the beautiful blooms of a wedding bouquet or centerpiece.  But when I stumbled across some of the elaborate paper flower kits and tutorials on the web, I was astonished.

Upon further research, I found plenty of reasons why a bride would chose faux paper flowers over the real deal. For one, it’s way less expensive. Secondly, the paper flowers are great to make ahead of time and have no worries or stress regarding possible wilting or unopened blooms on the big day.  Another suggestion I read from St. Jude’s Creations said that the flowers are great for destination weddings because they can be packed and brought with you to the location.

There are plenty of designers and artists out there ready and willing to create beautiful custom paper flower arrangements and bouquets or you can give a crack at creating them yourself using kits from the Paper Source.  The Paper Source also has classes in some select cities, which I’m sure would be a huge help if you’re looking to learn the craft and make a bouquet yourself.

And even if you’re not tying the knot anytime soon, paper flower arrangements are great for any celebration — or make some to give to your mom for Mother’s Day!  I have always had a thing for orchids but never had the patience or green thumb to keep one alive longer than a few months, so maybe I’ll have to get my hands on this Butter Orchid kit!

Butter Orchid Kit by Paper Source

Butter Orchid Kit by Paper Source