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5 To Dye For DIY Tie Dye Designs

Even though fashion trends go in and out of style so quickly, they always seem to circle back around. It was only five years ago that big hair made its way back into our lives with backcombing, and Peter Pan collars are reminiscent of the 50s. The one style that remains constant is tie dye. That easy craft is always a great go-to because of its bright colors and the creative possibilities. It’s too much fun to make your own tie dye designs for you and your family. This is a great summer project that will get you outside and having fun with your family.

What I love most about tie dying is that you can make up whatever method you want to achieve the look you want! It’s also a great upcycling craft to revamp old t-shirts, shoes or baby clothes. They give a rich color and a little extra brightness in your life (especially with this wet summer that we have been having!). These are the best tie dye techniques that you or your kids can do! They’re simple designs and unforgettable methods that will have you dye everything you have. Try the classic tie dye swirl technique, or attempt a new salt-resistant method; whatever you choose to do, make sure you wear gloves so that you won’t become your project!

To Dye For DIY Tie Dye Designs

Cpt America Tie DyeCaptain America Tie Dye Tee

This is an insanely cute superhero craft that you can make for yourself! Get ready to protect and avenge the world with this easy tie dye tutorial for the new superhero movie. You and your child will love making this almost as much as you will love wearing it around town. Now you don’t have to worry about wearing the same shirt as someone else.



Swirl TechniqueSwirl Technique

This classic swirl tie dye technique is the standard method for making tie dye shirts and apparel. You will adore this easy tutorial on how to create the perfect psychedelic t-shirt.



Bulls Eye TechniqueBulls Eye Technique

Make your shirt have rings that get smaller and smaller to the center. This Bulls Eye Technique is a fun new way to dye your clothes.



Salt Technique (Final Product)Salt Resistant Dye Technique

This sounds like a complicated process, but I promise that it is so simple. Similar to a watercolor salt technique, the salt soaks up the dye to give a stippled texture to your apparel. It is easier to make isolated designs by sprinkling the salt in a more concentrated area. I’m super excited to try this one out!



Sponge TechniqueSponge Tie Dye Technique

If you’re not into patterns, then try this unique, personalized, sponge technique that gives you the freedom to create whatever design you want. It would be great to try an ombre tie dye with it!


Can’t get enough? Try these 100+ Tie Dye Techniques and Patterns

100+ Tie Dye

What are your favorite tie dye patterns?