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Link Love: DIY Thank You Cards

When it comes to writing thank you notes, I am, admittedly, not the best at it. Right now i’m in the midst of writing thank you notes for my wedding gifts and according to the wedding gods somewhere, my notes are technically already “late.” Oh well, they are getting done…slowly, but surely. I thought I was doing so good when I finished 54 of them only to realize that I have about 50 more left to do.

However, the one thing that is enjoyable about this whole process is the fact that I’m writing on homemade thank you cards. My mother-in-law made me a set of envelopes, cards, and even a personalized return address stamp! Take note my friends – this was an EXCELLENT gift idea!

As soon as I ran out of her lovely custom cards, I set out to make my own versions of them since I loved them so much. You can do the same too! There is something so special about the DIY thank you. To me, it appears to be a matter of showing the receiver that you truly appreciated their gift to you – so much so that you hand-made a card to give back to them. This translates to the fact that you spent time on them. That alone makes the thank you note more meaningful and special.

I’ve already received so many compliments on my thank you notes. Imagine that – thanking me for a thank you note! While I do hope that what I said was meaningful inside the card, I have a feeling people were impressed with my creative thank you notes. They know how crafty and creative I can be, so this really is no surprise to me. 🙂

I set out to find some card ideas for you all to try and maybe even give a set of cards as a gift! These homemade card ideas range from rustic to modern and everything inbetween. Learn how to make cards with photos, scrap paper, and even a map! I’m in love with these DIY thank you cards and I hope you enjoy these handmade cards ideas too!


  1. Thankful 4 You from Kwernerdesign Blog
  2. DIY BRIDESMAID THANK YOU CARDS from Amy Moss for Once Wed
  3. Antique Map Thank You Card from Made Peachy
  5. Thank you card DIY Tutorial from Maria Palito
  6. Ombre Fringe Thank You from Song of My Heart Stampers
  7. GILDED THANK YOU CARDS from Camille Styles
  8. RUSTIC DIY THANK YOU CARDS from Northstory
  9. Wedding Photo Thank You from Fellow Fellow

Which thank you card do you want to make?