More Tees, Pretty Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

More Tees Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

Get ready for summer fun by stocking your drawers with a seasonal essential: t shirts! T shirts are lightweight, so they will keep you cool during outdoor activities. Plus, any color or design looks great with a pair of jeans. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a graphic tee that reflects your personality. Instead, you can jazz up a plain tee for your toddler, teen, spouse, or yourself. Check out these fun DIY t shirts and take the indecision out of packing for your summer getaway.

T Shirt Patterns for Kids

Painted Tee Shirt Dress   I Heart Tie Dye Tee   Bass Boy Tee

Painted Tee Shirt Dress –The best part about this easy sewing craft is that your little girl can decorate it however she wants.

I Heart Tie Dye Tee –Spend some quality time with your little princess and make this pink tie dye tee together.

Bass Boy Tee – You don’t have to empty your wallet to make sure your little rock star is ready for the concert! This playful tee shirt design includes a guitar.


DIY T Shirts for Teens

Dashing Doodle Tee Shirt   Houndstooth Tees   Romantic Twilight Tees

Dashing Doodle Tee Shirt – This tee shirt is a unique way to spread the love, whether it’s at a graduation party, birthday celebration, or holiday. Ask your friends and loved ones to write messages and draw pictures on this tee shirt and send it off with your high school grad when she goes to college.

Houndstooth Tees – For an edgy tee shirt design, look no further than this project. Great for girls and guys, this tee shirt craft features a red gradient.

Romantic Twilight Tees – This set of tee shirt designs will please any vampire fan in your family. Featuring clever sayings like “Love Bites,” these DIY tee shirts also have eye-catching graphics.


T Shirt Ideas for Him

Impatient Plaid Tee   Captain America Tie Dye Tee   Home Team Custom Tees

Impatient Plaid Tee – From a distance, this DIY t shirt almost looks like the real deal, but it’s actually a tie dye tee that’s perfect for lounging by the pool.

Captain America Tie Dye Tee – Those Marvel movies aren’t going away any time soon! Learn how to tie dye a shirt that looks like Cap’s patriotic shield. Your hero will love it.

Home Team Custom Tees – Check out this video tutorial to find out how to make a tee shirt that represents your guy’s favorite sports team. A handmade tee shirt makes a great birthday gift or Father’s Day present.


T Shirt Craft Ideas for You

Striped Crochet Tee   Dog Lady Graphic Tee   Pretty Petal Tee Shirt

Striped Crochet Tee – Designed with intermediate crocheters in mind, this shirt crochet pattern calls for lightweight yarn. The spunky stripes evoke the nautical trend that is so popular every summer.

Dog Lady Graphic Tee – Dare to be bold in this cute shirt. With the help of a printable stencil, this DIY tee shirt craft is easier than it looks.

Pretty Petal Tee Shirt – Feminine and floral, this gorgeous tee shirt pattern will liven up your summer wardrobe.


What do you like to make with your old t shirts?






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