DIY Storage Systems for Crafts

My craft stash is a mess.  I have a ton of supplies in random boxes throughout my apartment and I need to get a handle on gathering it all together in one place.  I’m on a hunt to find decorative storage and organization tips from all you crafters out there on how to get my crafty treasures in order.  This, my friends, is mission number one.

Mission number two is to spend as little money as possible on organizational systems.  Why spend money when I can reuse what I already have to get myself organized?  So today I bring you repurposed, upcycled, and crafty DIY storage ideas for all your craft supplies…so let’s get organizing!


Scrapbook paper storage solutions are easier to come by than you think!  See if you have an old accordion file somewhere in the basement.  If you do, you’ve got yourself one of the best scrapbook paper organizers out there!

Here’s a great way to keep your single scrapbook paper sheets organized.  All you need is a collapsible sweater shelf and a few of these storage bins for paper, available at Cut Rate Crafts.  Label the bins by color, paper theme, or whatever system works for you.  I can’t wait to try this idea at home!


Beads/Embellishments/Small Things

Chances are you have the best storage devices for beads, embellishments, and other small items in your kitchen right now.  When it comes to keeping small things organized, there’s no need to buy tons of little jars and bottles…simply browse around your kitchen for unused muffin tins, egg cartons, and ice cube trays.

Yup, these storage containers make scrapbook storage and organization a breeze…not to mention they stack up and store away easily to allow for a cleaner and clutter free workspace.

When it comes to the bigger small stuff, like scissors, tape, and glue, nothing works better than a multi-pocket shoe organizer.  Who would have thought?  These over-the-door shoe organizers are great for craft supplies.

For those who enjoy the fine art of illustration and painting canvas boards, these shoe organizers are top-notch marker and paint bottle organizers.   If you’d rather have your markers and colored pencils close at hand, this Water Bottle Supply Organizer is a great resource.  Made from recycled plastic bottles, this storage system is cost effective and easy to make.

I also love this idea for organizing my colored pencils.  I’m always on the hunt for ideas for making handmade greeting cards, so keeping my cardstock and colored pencils close at hand is a definite need.  With this storage system, I can clean out my recycling bin and satisfy my slight OCD problem to have all my colored pencils together with like colors.  This just makes me happy.  There’s no other way to put it.



Can we discuss how brilliant this is?  What a great way to keep all your ribbons organized and ready for crafting and wrapping!  DIY ribbon organization is where I plan to start when it comes time to organizing my crafts.  While this ribbon tote is a great idea, I also love this ribbon organizer!  It’s so easy to make…all you need is a shoe box and some dowels.  I definitely think I can manage that!


Yarn and Needles

WHY did it take me so long to find this?  What a great idea for storing yarns and knitting needles!  This project requires a collapsible crate, a basket, or some receptacle you have that you are willing to recover with fabric.

If sewing isn’t really your thing, try this Yarn Storage Box, made with Mod Podge and unfinished wooden boxes.  Not only does it provide ample storage for yarn and craft needles, but you can decorate it to match your home décor so you can store your supplies out in the open!

Now, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my coffee!  Can’t start a day without it!  But did you know that all those coffee canisters can be put to good use once the beans are gone?  By attaching like-sized canisters together, you can create yarn storage solutions that are effective and decorative!  Even if you’re not yo-yo for yarn, you can easily upcycle aluminum cans to help you organize your other craft supplies.



I absolutely am in love with these fabric storage cabinets!  I love how colorful and organized that looks!  All you would need here is some stiff cardboard to wrap your fabric scraps around.  Then simply display them in an empty bookcase or cabinet.


So there you have it!  A good handful of DIY projects to help you get organized for a new year of crafting!  Not in the mood to DIY?  Check out these awesome craft room organization ideas and products from Cut Rate Crafts.  Many of the systems are available for purchase through the site…so you can get to organizing your creative mind ASAP.

Now, just because you’re storing and organizing doesn’t mean you have to disregard decorating!  Your craft room can be useful and beautiful—just check out this tips on how to Decorate and Organize Your Craft Room.  Ah, if only I had a craft room…


We want to hear your hints, tricks, and tips when it comes to craft storage and organization!  Feel free to comment below and tell us what has worked for you!  Happy crafting!


  1. Bridget Froelich says

    What a great way to redeem creativity from its messiness – kudos! I’m going to try the yarn storage box idea. Thanks so much!

  2. Jessica Thelander says

    Whenever I get in a crafty mood, I feel like I’m always needing to go out and buy more supplies because everything ends up disappearing into oblivion because it’s not well organized. I ended up putting all of my basic supplies (i.e. markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.) in a large basket placed on a windowsill for easy access. Whenever I get something new, I can just throw it in there. I definitely like the egg carton idea for beads and buttons. It includes a nice bonus of having a container to decorate!

  3. says

    Displaying one’s craft supply inventory is so lovely. It brightens up an area if kept semi-tidy. Having a smaller apartment, I’ve resorted to picking just a few things to keep out in decorative boxes and jars. Everything else has been relegated to an old storage chest. But the chest functions as storage AND a coffee table.

  4. Kristine Negron says

    Such clever storage ideas! I especially love the fabric storage cabinet idea. So pretty and functional. Definitely one of those things where you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    I like storing my yarn in those little sets of plastic drawers they sell at Target or Walmart. Then I sort them by weight (worsted, fingering, etc.), color, or fiber content. I can always see what I have and plan my next project accordingly.

  5. Debbie says

    I store my yarn skeins in a bookcase. Your standard bookcase is just deep enough for a skein of yarn, and you can put a lot in there, and if you put it together yourself from a kit it won’t cost much at all. Balls can be put in clear shoebox containers purchased from the dollar store and also stored on the shelves, along with needlework books and patterns.

  6. says

    Good tips, though I feel guilty about my art supply mess. I did finally find a good way to store rolls of wrapping and craft paper–I got a few empty wine cases from my grocery store and the inserts keep everything standing upright.

  7. self storage battersea says

    To keep the clutter in control we can use some storage boxes and cabinets. We can give elegant look by using some textured colors on them. And can use some useless bags to hang on windows and can paint them beautifully and can store tiny items in that.

  8. says

    These are all great ideas. I definitely need a bit of help in the organization department! I especially liked the ribbon organizer. I think in general It’s hard for an artsy person to be organized – all my artist friends have the same clutter issues in their studios. I’ll be directing them to this blog! Thanks for the tips.

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