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Are you feeling a little … scattered? This time of year can be super fun but so stressful. Right now, you’re probably finishing up last-minute gifts, decorating your home, cooking epic feasts and sending out holiday cards – there’s so much to do in a very short amount of time. One way I cope with stress is by staying as organized as possible. When the world gets crazy, I get to work – it helps me cut through the chaos. Plus, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and so many people make a promise to get organized in the new year. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive yet generic items like boxes and baskets. Instead, you can use your crafty skills and make a few of your own!

The more you like the organizational items you make, the more likely you are to want to use them and show them off. Be sure to tailor the colors to match your decor – you can seamlessly integrate the items into your home. Fun n’ Colorful Glass Canisters are completely customizable and so fun to make. Use sponges, stencils and paint to create messages and labels for the jars. You can also upcycle an old wooden bin and add fun touches to create a Decoupage Storage Pin. Dip into your stash of ribbons and buttons to make this piece stand out. If you’re lucky enough to have your own crafting space, you know that it can get a little messy sometimes. Quick and easy projects like the Water Bottle Supply Organizer can help you sort your craft supplies so you never lose anything again! Plus, you can reuse recycled plastic bottles – it’s a great way to go green!

Don’t wait until January to get organized. Take some time now to sort through your craft supplies and put a few items in a safe place. These simple activities will help you stress less and enjoy the holiday season so much more.


  1. ‘That’s a Wrap’ Fabric Covered Boxes from Caught on a Whim
  2. Craft Room Storage Cabinet from Finding Home Online
  3. Mason Jar Sewing Kit from Juliette Laura
  4. DIY Storage Container from A Bubbly Life
  5. DIY Leather Pencil Case from The Merry Thought
  6. Fabric Covered Magazine Files from Creative in Chicago
  7. Easy Washi Tape Storage from Scattered Thoughts
  8. DIY Storage Box Makeover from Whimsy Darling
  9. Denim Pencil Case from Vanilla Craft


  1. barbara macaskill says

    I am an organizational freak! Everything has a place and it always go back as soon as I am done using it! Label, label, label! I keep my Dymo labeler VERY busy! I know exactly where everything is because as soon as I get something new it either goes with like items or if it is from a company that has it’s own area it goes there. I would go insane if things were messy in my craft area! I think that the older I get the more organized I get. I think I could do a whole blog series on organization! Utilizing everyday objects to store craft goodies and creating my own when nothing else is available to meet my needs!
    When I am crafting my area looks like it has never been used because I have to put everything back when I am done with it. I keep my main items at arms reach so that I do less walking to get them. Luckily, when we built our house this past year I designed a craft room to fit my needs and am able to have things sorted out into categories! Thanks for the new ideas!!

  2. Lindsey Casto says

    I am always on the go, so when I get a chance to do some crafting, it makes it all the better to be something practical that will make my tiny apartment look great! These space saving crafts are so adorable and totally worth trying!

  3. Michelle Johnson says

    I love these organizational projects. They are great. I think my favorite has got to be number 2 though. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kathy Klein says

    Am just reorganizing my craft room. What I could do with this giveaway. I love to be organized and this would help in so many ways.

  5. says

    Hi Again just testing the waters here. I have so many things mostly green things that I make for crafting. I used to store my beads etc. in S&P shakers the kind that spices come in with clear glass and straight sides in Keurig and Tassimo spinners. All of a sudden it seemed I had more beads than spinners . I still use them but now I need a whole cabinet for them but have no space for the cabinet. Sooooever creating new ideas I now have those short little filing cabinets that sit on your desk and I put the spice bottles in it . They stack on top of each other and hold about 10 bottles per shelf times 4 or more shelves (40) which isn’t bad for one quarter of your desk. I also use plastic bottles from distilled water to store so many things in because I use a CPAP machine to sleep at night and the bottles add up pretty quick.
    I am not exactly a scrap hoarder but I do cut off the tops of the big distilled water bottle and line ’em up on a book shelf to pop scraps of felt and cloth into. I store tools and paintbrushes along with pens and much more in them. What I like about them is that they are squarish so they line up neatly and even stack neatly so you do not need to label them as they are clear enough to see what’s in them. They are also good for storing mother nature’s bounty if you happen to collect twigs and stones and dried out milkweed pods which when painted whitel are quite pretty at this time of year. Merry Chritmas to All and to All a good night. tee hee

  6. Terri says

    I am setting up my craft room again. I haven’t had one in so long. now its time to get it set back up. having to find so much to organize, that’s can be a crafty challenge.

  7. Chache says

    Dear Barbara Macaskill
    I have a studio in my backyard which is 16×20.
    Seems that is all I do is organize much more then actually craft.
    I would love it if you would write a blog on organizing, I think my biggest problem is that I just have to much stuff. I also have a storage bin in one of those public storage places that costs me almost $70 a month . I will probably never use all that I have but I the minute I donate or give something away I need it. Please let me know if you ever write a blog I will be your #1 fan…Artfloozy1

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