DIY Sexy New Year’s Look

Are you looking for a great pair of shoes just in time for your big New Year’s Eve celebration? Try my Sexy Shoe Tutorial to dress up a pair in your own closet.

A blog I read put out a plea for help recreating a particular shoe (the photo included was a Christian Loubouton shoe featured in the movie Sex in the City). It got my wheels turning and I couldn’t rest until I’d figured out how to create this sexy shoe on a shoestring budget. A pair of heels gathering dust in my closet and supplies that cost me less than $1 got me well on my way.

In general, for going out on the town, I keep some classic little black dresses in my closet to dress up with scarves or cute shoes, that’s my style. Some Velcro rollers, a classic black sheath, lipstick, and these sexy shoes is all I need to rejuvenate a $20 dress I’ve had in my closet for 15 years!

I have to say, that I’ve worn these shoes in the city several times and have gotten stopped many times by admirers. I could play it off and say “thanks”, but I have to let people in on the secret that I made them! Many instructional sessions have gone down in bathrooms all over the city as I teach other ladies how to duplicate the look. My Hubs rolls his eyes, but there’s no denying that a woman loves a bargain!

Even without the shoes, a great bracelet or scarf can go a long way if you begin with a basic black dress. Think about wearing a scarf as a belt, rather than around your neck. Pin a brooch to your waistline, rather than your shoulder. Think about ways to jazz up a purse or shoes to bring new life to your outfit. Get inspired by fashion magazines and websites. Looking great sometimes takes more thought than money.

So, let’s begin the New Year right with our wallet and use our imaginations to come up with something fantastic from our own closets!

Jennifer Juniper for Hope Studios


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