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Hi Diddle Dee Dee! DIY Puppet Crafts

A little wooden puppet skipped his way into the movies on February 23, 1940, when Walt Disney’s animated movie Pinocchio was released in theaters. In celebration of the event, today is Pinocchio Day–the best day for puppet crafts!  There are plenty of puppets you can make at home including hand puppets, finger puppets, and sock puppets.

wormWhen it comes to puppet materials, everyone has their own preferences. Personally I like to use felt because it reminds me of  my favorite puppets, Jim Henson’s Muppets. CutRateCrafts has several puppet kits and plenty of felt and wiggly eyes. And take it from a girl who knows a thing or two about puppets, it’s all in the eyes. Whether you use wiggly eyes, buttons, or felt pieces, a puppet’s look and personality can all be linked back to the placement of those eyes.


DIY Puppet Craft Tutorials

Finger puppets are pint-sized and work well for the tiny fingers of kids. Make some bunny finger puppets to give away as gifts or knit Oscar the Grouch’s buddy Smiley the Worm from the show Sesame Street. But if you want to include the kids in making a puppet, have them work on paper bag or sock puppets. Use a sock or paper bag as the creature’s body and attach different craft materials to create the features. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to use their imagination and create something wild.

Fun-Bath-FriendsHand puppets can be made out of tons of different materials. These Bath Friends are crocheted out of yarn. What kid wouldn’t want to take a bath when given the option to take one of these fun toys in with them? Or make stick puppets using foam balls, some paint, and wooden rods.

At the end of the day, finish off your puppet crafts by making an old-fashioned puppet theater. It’s easy to put on a puppet show by having kids hide under a table or behind a couch and popping up their puppet above. If you really want to add some scenery, check out this Medieval Puppet Theater that you can build out of Styrofoam blocks, some paint, and material.


Kermit the Frog will always be my favorite puppet. Who’s your all-time favorite puppet character?