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HOO Will Love These DIY Owl Crafts and Recipes?

When I was a kid, there was an owl’s nest outside my window in the tree. Owls are nocturnal. They hoot incredibly loud at night, and they’re territorial. Those things would screech with so much hostility that I ended up keeping my blinds and windows closed for nearly two years. When Dad finally knocked down the nest and cut off the branch, there was a celebration in my room. Tea and candy for all! Before you get PETA on me, the branch was growing towards the house, and had been weighed down in an ice storm, and the owls had left the premises. Thank the Lord. Lately, I’ve been noticing a chic trend of people wearing cute owl jewelery and having neutral owl nurseries. Some of this DIY statement jewelry has had gaudy, detailed owls with their wings spread wide across the collar bone or is a simple, geometric basic of accenting a baby’s room. No matter what you use it for, you’re going to love these easy owl crafts.


HOO Will Love These DIY Owl Crafts and Recipes?


Owl CakeAs much of a pain they were in real life, the owl trend that is creeping in throughout life is actually adorable. I may or may not have some owl jewelry… With their geometric design and simplistic design, owls are a symbol of wisdom, nighttime. The Greek goddess Athena was known to have an owl as her symbol! Do as the Romans do, right? (Except Greek).

Especially with owl creativity, they are a minimalist piece that work for free jewelry projects, easy crafts, and easy recipes.

This owl cake design is the cutest cake ever. It uses two whole boxes of cake that will definitely feed the crowd that will be lining up to see this creative cake design. It’s chocolate “feathers” look just like the real thing. It uses chocolate devil’s food cake, a homemade Nutella frosting, and Oreos for the body, feathers, and eyes. Your friends and family will love this easy cake recipe that is great for any occasion. Owl or woodsy-themed nursery or party? This will go with any of your party decor.




Repurposed Sock Owls

Wise Owl Purse

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Kooky Stuffed Owl

Tie Dye Owl Bag

Trick-or-Treat Owl


Owl Strawberries with Cream Cheese from Meaningful Mama

Brownie Owl Treats from Pink When

Wide-Eyed Owl Cupcakes


Pony Bead Owl Pendant

Simple Clay Owl Pendant

DIY Owl Necklace

Woodsy Owl Necklace

How else can you incorporate owls into your life?