Light Up the Night: 25 DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding


You glow, girl, and on your wedding day, you’re going to glow even more brightly than ever before. Filled with love, magic, and a whole lot of smiles, the only thing missing from your glow is uber-romantic lighting. Don’t rely on the setting sun or the awful fluorescents your venue offers to make your wedding shine like it should. There are amazing DIY lighting ideas that will give your big day the radiance it deserves, so do yourself justice by making one come to life. No matter your wedding theme, a soft, dreamy glimmer belongs. What’s creating that gorgeous glimmer is up to you. From mason jar crafts to rustic wedding candles, this list boasts DIY lighting ideas for every type of wedding. Indoors or out, small or big, we’ve got your wedding glistening like it should.

Explore the DIY lighting ideas below to find an option that truly suits you. Advanced and beginner crafters alike will find skill-appropriate projects that are undeniably perfect. These crafts are also easy on your wallet, giving you a magazine-worthy look without the price tag. Glow crazy, and light up the night!


Cascading Mason Jar LanternMason Jar Ideas

Mason jars are ideal for wedding decorating because of their low cost and incredibly versatility. Their adaptability is abundantly clear in these five projects, all using the containers in drastically different ways. From gorgeous chandeliers to an adorable centerpiece, this list of mason jar ideas is sure to drop jaws.

DIY Candles and DIY Candle HoldersHidden Treasures Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Personalize your space with DIY candles and DIY candle holders that truly speak to you. Craft your wedding with love, and it will only give back even more. Rustic brides, vintage brides, classic brides, and glam ones will all find DIY candles and candle holders that fit perfectly into their wedding themes.

Unexpected DIY Lighting

Make sure your wedding stands out with unexpected DIY lighting. Guests will immediately realize that this isn’t just another day of “I do”s when they see your incredible lighting ideas shining brightly. As an extra exciting bonus for those brides who often feel left out, there are DIY lighting crafts for wedding of all seasons in this fun list!

 Would you rather attend a candlelit reception or a bulb-lit affair?


  1. Melissa says

    Candlelight…almost. I love using electronic tea lights for maximum soft glow glimmer with minimal fire hazards…especially if there are little ones running around!

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