DIY Jewelry Color Crush: Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald

Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Every year, Pantone determines a color of the year, and it’s picked up by designers, celebrities, and the best DIY websites. Let’s bid adieu to 2013 by going all out with its signature color, emerald. While emerald was used in clothing and furniture design this year, nothing was more apparent than its presence in jewelry. Proven by Christina Hendricks and Maria Menounos, left, the hottest stars walked the red carpet throughout the year showing off this dazzling hue. You, too, can walk your own runway with the same effect at a much lower price. Pay homage to enchanting emerald with your own jewelry creations.

This stunning color can be paired with a myriad of other shades, including rich purple, deep maroon, bright yellow, stark white, classic black, and even its own brilliant hue. That means that these DIY pieces can be worn with almost anything. A breathtaking piece that can be worn everyday? Oh, yes!


Left to Right,

Row 1: 1. Emerald and Felt Neverland Collar 2. Emerald Green Statement Ring

Row 2: 1. Multistrand Ombre Bracelet 2. Emerald Tassel Earrings 3. Enchanting Emerald Earrings

Row 3: 1. Emerald Bow Bracelet 2. Green Goddess Bead Necklace 3. Irish Crystal Bracelet 4. Green Sugar Beads

Row 4: 1. Emerald City Necklace 2. Frosted Teardrop Earrings 3. Interlinked Beads and Chain Bracelet 4. Glass Bottle Necklace 5. Emerald Floral Jewelry

The Wicked Witch made it popular and now Pantone’s made it official. Don’t be seen on a night out without one or more of these jewelry ideas giving you that extra pow. Even though 2013 is on its way out, we’re certain that emerald is here to stay. Even if you’re a beginner jewelry maker, there are plenty of DIY earrings, necklaces, and bracelets you can put together which show off this jewel-toned stunner. Start with the incredibly easy Enchanting Emerald Earrings and then advance slightly to the Multistrand Ombre Bracelet. If you’re a more experienced DIY jewelry maker, go for the gold (or the emerald) with the Emerald City Necklace and the Irish Crystal Bracelet.

For even more emerald inspiration, check out these gorgeous emerald DIY jewelry ideas:

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  1. Mary LaMartina says

    I just luv this necklace. I have been looking for something simular for my sister. About 4 months ago my sister had a quadruple heart bi pass and this has left her with a large scar in the middle of her chest. Everytime she sees it it reminds her of a painful time in her life.
    I would like to make some necklaces that hide this scar. I am sure there are many women with this same situation. If you have any ideas for bib necklaces that she can wear when she is out visiting friends,not to much bling,just enough to hide this painful reminder.
    Thanks,Mary LaMartina

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