Use Clip-On Earrings to Update Any Outfit In 5 Minutes

This post is brought to you by Brianna Balesso.

Clip-on earrings have so many uses. Okay, I know what you’re thinking- “Really, clip-on earrings?” Yes! Clip-on earrings are making a huge comeback and best of all, you can make a pair yourself without ever leaving home!


If you’re ready to start creating your own fabulous accessories but don’t have any clip-on earrings, don’t worry! I usually get an old pair from my grandmother or mom, but have also found some great hidden vintage treasures at garage sales and thrift stores.  If buying used isn’t your thing, the website Emitations offers affordable clip-on earrings in current and trendy styles.

To make your own trendy clip-ons, you’ll need:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • An old pair of clip-on earrings

Using pliers, simply bend the clip to make it as flush as possible to the earring back.  If the clip is not flush with the back, you may experience some uncomfortable rubbing.

Add your new clip-ons to:

  • Heels / Wedges
  • Scarves
  • Shirt collars
  • Waist belts
  • Clutch / Purse


What clothing items would you decorate with sparkly clip-ons?


Brianna is a recent college graduate working on expanding her portfolio.  While studying to obtain her undergraduate degree, she became an avid crafter and DIY-er in order to stretch her budget as far as it could go.


  1. Erin says

    I’d use them as button covers on a silk blouse to sparkle it up. And knowing me, I’d probably do the same thing on a denim blouse.

  2. says

    Make a brooch or hair clips….take them apart at the base and make bracelets or glue the pretty parts for rings or clip them onto necklaces, add them to napkin rings for added sparkle…

  3. Jamie says

    I love this shoe idea. I have a (perfectly fine) pair of plain black flats, but they start to bore me when I wear them to work day after day. I think the idea is great, because it’s like having a new and different pair of shoes without having to buy (and find room in the closet for) a new pair of shoes. Great idea for keeping the wardrobe looking fresh on a tight budget!
    Also, I’ve seen bracelets used to hold scarves in place, but never earrings. I like it!

  4. Linda Holder says

    You can put clip-ons you dresses with round necks to keep from bras straps from showing. I have done that before.

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