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Charming Chompers: 19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

The first Shark Week aired on the Discovery Channel in July of 1988, making shark week nearly 30 years old to this date. This fact alone is a testament to our obsession as a culture with sharks. Sharks are the dinosaurs of the deep, inspiring fear and fascination in our hearts. I’ve always been a little in love with sharks and, because of this, am a huge fan of Shark Week. A whole week dedicated to those chomping, swimming fishes? Yes, please!

Shark Crafts

In order to celebrate Shark Week, we have collected a wide range of shark craft ideas. From shark crafts for kids to more adult ideas like shark tooth necklaces and crochet patterns, the Shark Week crafts below are sure to be adored by any friend of these fierce fishes. Just keep scrolling (or swimming) to see all the jaws-dropping Shark Week crafts we have to offer. They won’t bite. We promise!

19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

Jaws-Dropping DIY Necklace

Sharky Free Pillow Pet Pattern

Shark Fingerprint Art

Super Cute Shark Afghan

Shark Week Sewing Patterns
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What’s your favorite shark movie? I love Jaws.