DIY Clocks- Great for Father’s Day!

Walnut Hollow sent us two projects for decorative clocks that I am very excited about. I’ve never thought about making my own clock, but Walnut Hollow makes it easy. These clock crafts seem like perfect Father’s Day gifts too, especially the first one, which has more of a rustic-feel.

I love the gear hands on this Cottage Clock Project and the way washers of various sizes stand in for the numbers. The metal wire makes it industrial-chic.

This Big Circles Clock project uses scrapbook paper on the clock face. The look is elegant but fun.


  1. iris Milne says

    can eny one help me i am looking for a patten to mack a baby blanket in pompoms i think it is made on a fram i would be so grateful

  2. Cathy says

    I like the steampunk look of the Cottage Clock. It’s modern, yet timeless. I love finding these DIY projects for items that you use everyday, because you can make something unique that no one else has, and it still has a purpose!

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