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Jurassic Park Dinosaur Crafts and DIY Costumes for Kids

In lieu of the newest installment of the Jurassic Park series, your kids (and most likely you) are jumping up and down in excitement for the improved CGI graphics. As you should be! It’s been a long haul since the first movie came out. Universal Studios still has a portion of their theme-park dedicated to the incredible water ride where a T-Rex ends up eating you; when in reality you feel like you fall to your death, finally being soaking wet. I wonder what they will do to the park with the “Raptor Squad” being a thing with Christ Pratt on his motorcycle. Anyway, I’m sure your child is wanting to go see the movie. At your own discretion, parents, by all means go see the movie. But you don’t want your kid to just go in a t-shirt. No, they need an awesome, easy kid’s costume or dino craft to prepare themselves for an incredible movie.

Jurassic World Inspired Crafts

Honestly, I haven’t even seen the movie yet. Though from the record-breaking box office money made the first weekend alone, I feel like my chances of it being really good are, well, really good. I will also admit that it is not until very recently that I saw the first movie in its entirety. Oh, I know. It’s been on TV for forever and a day, but I never had any interest in seeing it. No, I haven’t seen the other two movies in the series, but I have been advised not to do so. I was told by a little pterodactyl that they were the equivalent to how good Jaws 2 and Jaws 3-D are. To each their own.

You’re going to have a roaring-great time making these dinosaur crafts for kids to do. I love the homemade dinosaur hoodie which would be paired great with the homemade tail that wraps around your child’s waist. You don’t have to make these just for the movie! Dinosaur crafts and dinosaur sewing are super awesome ways to get your child into play time and create their own Jurassic world. (See what I did there?)


Jurassic Park Dinosaur Crafts and DIY Costumes for Kids


Dotty Dino TailDotty Dinosaur Tail

This dino tail is a cute way to get creative with different patterns for “scales.” If you’re looking for an educational standpoint, teach them about reptiles, amphibians, and fish that have scales.



Dino Tail for Dress UpDinosaur Tail for Dress Up

This homemade dinosaur craft is the same as above, only it doesn’t have spots. So if your child wants just a plain tail, here is a tutorial that will go straight to those steps.




Dino Plaster CraftsDinosaur Plaster Casts

You can make these easy plaster crafts of dinosaur toys and have them be “fossils.” Hide them in a sand box, sensory table, or a box of dirt so your child can “dig up” their own fossils.



Printable Dino MasksFree Printable Dinosaur Masks

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you’ll love these free printable dinosaur masks. Your child still gets some fun play time out of them and you don’t have a mess to clean up!



Dragon Dress Up CostumeDIY Dragon Dress Up Costume

I know it says “dragon,” but this easy kid’s costume looks just like a dinosaur’s spiky spine.




Dino Hoodie DIY Dinosaur Hoodie

My movie theater is always cold—I believe that all movie theaters are programed that way because it somehow makes you buy more warm popcorn. Anyways, this modified hoodie will be your lifesaver for when your child gets cold.


We want to know: are you for the original Jurassic Park or do you like the new Jurassic World better?