Designer Feature: The Simply Fun Jewelry Projects of Alicia from Dismount Creative

At, I mainly work with amazingly talented and creative bloggers who create gorgeous jewelry pieces. Alicia from Dismount Creative is no exception.

The DIY jewelry projects on her blog are easy to do if you’re a beginner to jewelry making and they’re super cute and trendy! Making your own runway and magazine inspired jewelry is the way to go if you don’t have $500 to spend on a bracelet (I know I sure don’t). This Houston based blogger makes it easy to steal ideas from your favorite magazines and make them for yourself.

Besides creating fun DIY projects for us to run home and try out and hosting regular crafting events in Houston, Alicia also recently started Whimseybox! What is it you ask? Well it’s an awesome idea for one and perfect for crafty people! It’s a little box that gets shipped to your house every month with 5 sample craft products inside. There is just enough for you to make one small craft project and test out the products. If you like them, you can go ahead and pick up a boatload from your local craft store. If not, you won’t have a ton left over and sitting around that you don’t know what to do with. It’s a great way to test out craft products without committing yourself to a whole bottle, box, etc.









If you like this idea, you’ll love her projects, but don’t just trust me see for yourself!

Celine Inspired Green Cuff

The original version of this Celine Inspired Organic Green Cuff will run you about $500. This version will fun you about $3. Win? I think so.






DIY Chunky Cocktail Ring

This DIY Chunky Cocktail Ring is easy to make, but packs a big punch. Don’t let your fingers go unadorned any longer!






DIY Colorblock Necklace


I have to admit that this is my favorite project. This DIY Colorblock Necklace is just pieces of clay connected with eye pins, but it created a classic and trendy piece that you can wear over and over again.






DIY Leather and Metal Pyramid Necklace


Another simple and classic, yet trendy idea is this Leather and Metal Pyramid Necklace. It’s also a very cool way to make some mixed media jewelry.





Metal Collar Necklace


This DIY Metal Collar Necklace is pulled right from the fashion magazines and you’ll be surprised how incredibly easy it is to make (and how much one of these runs!).





Studded Wrap Bracelet


The Studded Wrap Bracelet is a fun twist on the traditional wrap bracelets that have been taking over the internet and stores.





Gilded Clay Jewelry


Take some clay and some gold paint and you have some gorgeous Gilded Clay Jewelry! Can it get easier? Only slightly.






Modern Geometric Pendant


Simple to make and a great finishing touch to an everyday outfit, this Modern Geometric Pendant is a must-make! Play around with shapes and colors to see what works best for you.




Paper Bead Tribal Neckace

Who knew that paper beads could make such a great looking tribal inspired necklace? If I was any good at making paper beads, I’d definitely give this one a try.


Simple Chevron Necklace


Get out your metal snips! With a few cuts and some nail polish you can make your own Simple Chevron Necklace!






I hope that you were inspired by some of Alicia’s projects! What inspires your jewelry making?



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