Flip, Meet Flop: DIY Decorative Sandals

Flip-Meet-FlopEverybody knows that good things come in pairs. One earbud isn’t the same as two earbuds, cookies don’t taste as yummy without milk, and if you’re missing a contact lens, you know you’re out of luck. Similarly, every flip needs its flop! Bring your two favorite summer accessories together and make the most out of them. Decorating flip flops transforms boring sandals into cute or glamorous footwear. All it takes is a crafty touch. Don’t let your flip flops run naked this summer, (leave that to the baby running through the sprinkler) and give them some fashionable flair.

Decorating Flip Flops with Summertime Simplicity

fabulousflipflops[1]   Microspun Crochet Flip Flops   The Knot So Hard Flip Flop DIY

Fab Summer Flip Flops – These cute sandals are a real treat for your poor toes that have been crammed into socks all year.

The Knot So Hard Flip Flop DIY – If you’re not liking what you see in the stores, make your own easy footwear with this tutorial.

Microspun Crochet Fantabulous Flip Flops – There’s no need to throw out your old flip flops.

Yellow Flip Flops – Dress up any pair of flip flops with some cute summertime bling and let the sunshine in.

Rainbow Flip Flops – Decorating your flip flops has never been this colorful or this fun.

Glamtastic DIY Flip Flops

Dazzling Daisy Flip Flops   Knitted Flowery Flip Flops   Finished Feather Slippers

Denim & Lace Flip Flops – Denim and lace look just as cool on your feet as they look on the rest of your body. Your flip flops will be dressed as sharply as you will. Dazzling Daisy Flip Flops – These kid-friendly flip flops are easy to make and fun to wear. (They’re also easy to wear and fun to make.) Flippy Floppy Feathery Slippers – Even though these flip-flops-turned-slippers are more for indoor wear than outdoor wear, they are still plenty of fun and look great on your feet. Feel free to personalize them however you choose, in order to fully pamper your feet. Crocodile Flip Flops –  Don’t worry, these flip flops don’t bite, but they do look great on your feet. Adding some crochet designs is just the extra love that your flip flops need. Flowery Flip Flops – Make sure your sandals stand out and add a few glamorous flowers to the top. Summer flair has never looked this sweet.

How to Decorate Flip Flops for the Home

   Flip Flop Beach Plaque   Crocheted Glass Flip Flops

Flip Flop Wreath – When summer knocks, welcome her in with this cute decoration.

Summer Flip Flop Wreath – The sun is out, the temperature is rising, and everybody knows that the official symbol of summertime joy is the flip flop. Make this wreath to ring in the new season. You’ll be in the summer spirit when you realize how simple and adorable this decoration looks.

Crocheted Glass Flip Flops – These are just what you need to throw a fabulous summer party. Invite your friends over for a night of cocktails, without the water rings.

Beach Plaque – This project lets you bring out the paints as well as the flip flops.

What accessory gets you in the mood for summer?


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